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How an AI Technician Inseminates a Cow

How an AI Technician Inseminates a Cow

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We recommend that your cows are AI’d by an experienced technician.

The AI tank contains liquid nitrogen that stores the frozen semen straws. The technician removes the straw from the tank and thaws it in a water bath at 35-37 degrees.

The technician removes the straw from the water bath, dries it, and then loads it into the insemination pipette (also known as the AI gun), and cuts the end off.

A sterile sheath is then placed over the gun. It is now ready to inseminate the cow.

The technician places his arm into the rectum of the cow and grasps the cervix. The cow’s vulva is cleaned which can be done with the handle of a Cue-Mate applicator or a paper towel. An assistant parts the lips of the vulva, ensuring a clean pathway for the AI gun.

The technician inserts the AI gun, pushing upwards starting at a 45 degree angle and ending horizontal. He then passes the tip of the AI gun through the cervix, guiding it with the hand inside the rectum. Once the tip of the gun is completely through the cervix, the technician deposits the semen into the body of the uterus by pushing the plunger on the AI gun.

The cow has now been artificially inseminated.

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