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Repro360 FTAI Brochure (Southern Beef Cattle)

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FTAI allows artificial insemination (AI) of your herd without the need for heat detection. To enable FTAI, a series of treatments are given to the females according
to a protocol that will synchronise the time of their ovulation. The treatments are given to every female in the mob which enables 100% of the females to be submitted to AI.

Why choose FTAI over heat-detection programs?

  • An AI technician is only required on one day to inseminate your cows. This day can be planned in advance – reducing your costs.
  • With some basic training, all treatments can be given by the labor that you have on your farm – saving you money.
  • Results in more calves born to AI.
  • When a progesterone device such as the Cue-Mate® is used in FTAI, reproductive issues such as non-cyclers and cows with ovarian disorders may be treated – treating problem cows earlier.
  • FTAI can get the majority of your cows in calf early – avoiding later calving cows.
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